Dale Lindsay





I have worked my entire career in Banking and finance - more than 34 years in total, with 27 years lending experience.  For the last 19 years I have specialised in Residential lending, 10 of those in a mobile home loan specialist role with a major bank in New Zealand.


Throughout the Global Financial Crisis I was able to provide solutions for many customers when other providers could not due to most banks' tightening of credit policy.


This has built a reputation of being the "go to guy" for customers with a proposal that is somewhat "outside the square" with many professionals continuing to refer their clients to me.


I can assist you with structuring & managing your loan to suit your individual requirements, whether it's providing ways to repay your Home Loan faster, liaising with professionals to ensure correct structuring for different ownership entities such as trusts and companies, preliminary discussions around property investment, or just seeking to manage repayments options if your cash flow position demands it.


If you are wondering about the photo at left, I have been a volunteer firefighter for more than 34 years and enjoy the satisfaction that community work provides.


"I want to know what is the most important thing to you when it comes to your home loan, and will work hard to find a solution for even the most challenging situation.  There are so many options out there, it's just a matter of finding which one suits you best, and not giving up until all avenues have been exhausted.

Even if you think you are already sorted, it's worth having a chat as it very often happens that some well-placed advice can effect your thinking, not to mention can usually save you money in the long term.

Ask yourself this - What has your current lender or adviser done to help reduce your debt in the last 5 years?


So what are you waiting for, Give me a call!" 









Dale Lindsay, Director 

Lindsay Home Loans & Financial Services Limited.